SCC Library Acquistions — a Feed

Slawyer and Library Boy blogger, Michel-Adrien Sheppard, has just published the monthly list of new additions to the Supreme Court of Canada library — letting us know that although the official site says they don’t lend the books, the material is in fact available through inter-library loan to authorized libraries, and that you can subscribe to the monthly list by email.

Sad that the SCC doesn’t do RSS, I thought. So I subscribed by email and arranged to forward the monthly emails to Mailbucket, where I’ve created a feed for Slawyers to use: Seems llike it’s going to work because the mailbot’s automatic welcome message is there. Let me know if things go haywire — or don’t go at all.

This hack is less than satisfactory, of course, and I imagine that the SCC will go RSS ASAP.


  1. For Bloglines users, a similar hack… you can generate a dedicated email address for each of your email subscriptions, which are then converted into RSS subscriptions within your account.

    Anything to get it out of your inbox, right? :-)

  2. Keep that inbox empty!

    But Steven, I looked at Bloglines and wasn’t sure how to tell the SCC mailbot to use that email address — you subscribe by email with a key message in the subject line. In such a case do you “spoof” your return address, using the Bloglines ready-made one? Or is there a simpler solution?

  3. I think that bloglines tool was made for an on-page submission form. … Your spoof technique should work. Another possibility would be to subscribe, and then create an auto-forward rule to the bloglines email address.