Delightful Diary Based on Diagrams

I had missed last week’s BBC Magazine which starts a Blog column based upon hand-drawn diagrams like this:


It’s described (somewhat pedestrianly) as

a neat analysis of modern life, all incorporated into that underused medium of index cards, the type of which one would have found in the pre-computer school library.

The original site is well worth finding.

Here is another image:

Indexed 2

Whimsy for a Friday, even if it’s not the Fillip

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  1. Lovely. This reminds me of David Byrne’s book Arboretum which has drawings of different terminologies, taxonomies, life observations, which all seem to look like trees.

    Website for Arboretum:

    View the drawings:

  2. Priit Parmakson

    Very talented.. I’d say it’s even worth googling a bit to finding out more, like:

    PowerPoint/Audience Sleep ration