Anyone who has been shy about launching a blog because of a worry about the tech side of things need worry no more. Posterous makes starting and maintaining a blog as easy as… well, as easy as email. (We have all mastered that, no?) All you need to do — and I mean “all” — is email anything (photo, video, MP3 file, other file) to and there you are: you’re blogging. Talk about “greasing the skids of prolixity,” this is crazy easy.

The text of your email becomes the text of your post, photos are cropped and posted for viewers to see, multiple photos are turned into galleries, MP3s cause an audio player to appear in your post, videos result in a Flash player, well-formed URLs become hotlinks, etc. etc. You can even cause it to ship the title of your post to Twitter and your photos to Flickr, for heaven’s sake. It’s enough to make one want a blog for every day of the week. Posterous is, well, preposterous.

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