Blogs via LII Menus

India, as an emerging knowledge worker superpower, is a country to look to for close ties to cross commonwealth legal issues, like intellectual property rights. I have been monitoring intellectual property news from around the web for some time, and I have enjoyed the well written posts from the Spicy IP blog.

I was very pleased, while checking out the LIIofIndia (announced here at Slaw), to see that a link to to the Spicy IP blog by navigating to Intellectual Property through the Subject pages at the Legal Information Institute of India. There is also a link to search Spicy IP through a WorldLII link – this doesn`t work well from a technical standpoint. Still, adding a recognized, authoritative, blog to a LII subject search menu option is just too cool not to mention.


  1. I’ve been waiting for a while now to see blogs added to the LII suite – secondary literature is just about all that’s missing! Thanks for pointing this out, Shaunna.