Can Your Boss Make You Work on New Years Day? Yes.. in Québec, at Least

As I am in the holiday spirit, I thought it would be good to post a quick reminder about how statutory holidays work in La Belle Province. I’d also be curious to know how this might differ from other provinces or countries altogether.

According to the Québec Labour Standards Act, employers can require that employees work on statutory holidays. However, if they are required to work, employees must be paid an indemnity equal to 1/20 of the four weeks’ wages preceding the holiday, in addition to your regular salary. If the employee makes commission, the indemnity would be equal to 1/60 of the twelve weeks’ wages preceding the holiday.

Part-time employees are managed the same way as given that the indemnity is calculated as a percentage of wages, the amount of hours you work every week does not make a difference.

Employers can also choose to compensate employees with a day off. That day must however be taken within three weeks before or after the holiday.

In Québec, all of this is at the employer’s choice. However, fear not. Most employees do get their “stat” days off!

For more information, the Québec Labour Standards Commission’s website provides a wealth of information (in English).

Enjoy the holiday!

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