Quebec Bar Association’s Assistance Package for Practising Law

Le Service du développement et du soutien à la profession du Barreau du Québec has compiled a series of resource packages associated with different areas of law, skills, knowledge and types of practice to help lawyers thrive in the province of Quebec.

These resource packages contain vital information, tools and documents a practitioner needs and include templates, checklists and calculation tools produced by the Barreau du Québec and third parties to support its members as well as external links to practical information among other resources.

These packages will be continually updated and new resources added overtime.

To access this assistance package, lawyers must go to the Quebec Bar Association’s website at and input their membership number.

So far, the kits deal with three areas of law: family, immigration and criminal.

They cover the following skills: opening a practice, relations between lawyer and client, and work-life balance issue in the practice of law.

The types of practice include mediation, private practice and in-house council.

For example, if you click on the family law icon, you can receive knowledge on training and education provided in this area of law, plus access to procedural templates and checklists, laws, calculation tools, publications, articles and services.

It is quite a neat and useful endeavour. I’d love to hear from lawyers in Quebec who have used this resource and whether or not they have found it helpful. In fact, I’d like to hear from lawyers across the country who have found similar practical online resources provided by their local law society or bar association or think they would find them useful. What kind of resources do you have trouble finding when you need them? What resources are easy to find but difficult to use?

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