The Summer Months

Summer provides options. You can slow down, take more time, slack a little around the office or you can use it as a time to refocus where you are going when things ramp up in September. Some offices are very busy in the summer and don’t have time to think of the coming seasons. Of course there is always time for business development, no matter which category you fall into.

If you are lucky enough to step away for a bit in the summer, great you deserve it. We all need to recharge and time away from the office is the best way to do it. If can’t get away but are not as busy as you would like to be, than this is an ideal time to start thinking and planning for the coming months. Are their people you should meet up with for coffee or a meal? Does your firm have clients that aren’t being served by your practice and should be? Is there mentoring to be done with junior lawyers or reading you should be doing on industry changes? 

Using a slower time to develop a plan is a great as long as you execute on the plan even once you ramp up again. Making a plan and putting it in your desk does not work, never has. We often say the best time for business development is when you are busy so that the busy times remain. Use your slow time now to keep the busy times going.

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