Journal of Appellate Practice and Process

Some of you may be interested in this scholarly law journal which focusses exclusively on issues, practices, and procedures of appellate court systems, both federal and state, both American and international. Edited by faculty members of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s William H. Bowen School of Law, The Journal is designed to provide a forum for creative thought and dialogue about the operation of appellate courts and their influence on the development of the law. The Journal is published semi-annually; subscriptions outside the US are $30/year. The Spring 2005 issue (TOC on the journal’s website) features an essay by Peter McCormick, “Selecting the Supremes: The Appointment of Judges to the Supreme Court of Canada” . The website to the Journal is


  1. Thanks, Brenda. Wish we’d had this one when we were putting the Rothstein pages together.