I’ve finally made the time for training on Summation, software used by our Litigation Support group. It’s extremely useful for document management of large litigation files, but I’ve had all of my facta and briefs of argument, leave to appeal applications, etc. into Summation and the search abilities are great. I can search fields of my choosing, by boolean or otherwise. For my precedent facta and briefs, I’ve chosen Author, Document Type (brief, facta,etc), Court Level, Plaintiff, Defendant, Issues and Category. I can’t wait to showcase it to one of the litigation practice groups.

I don’t know if anyone else uses this software and would be interested in others’ experience with Summation and creative uses for it.


  1. Summation has been a big hit in both the firms I’ve been with, but to my knowledge, we’ve only used it in the traditional manner. What you’re describing sounds very creative! Have you thought about using the WebBlaze product to create online accessibility?

    You may be able to tie this application into your Intranet?

  2. Yes, Steven, our litigation support team has told me about WebBlaze; also, they can capture all of the file on a CD and I can take it with me and access the documents elsewhere even without the internet access. Very useful!

  3. It is a creative use of the software indeed! I never thought about using it as a document management system. Being more conservative, I have been using Hummingbird DM in my previous firm and now that I’m in-house. Even if Summation definitely has good searching capabilities, the fact that it is not matter-centric will cause, among other things, a duplication of the documents since you will need one copy in the matter file and another one in Summation for DM.

    That being said, I use Summation everyday to deal with my litigations and would be more than pleased to exxhange on experience and learn about your creative uses!

  4. I’d love to hear about any user groups that exist for brain storming in this regard. I use Summation and would be very interested in some new ideas on merging in our actual paper documents.