A Million Penguins

Because it’s Friday (and thus a duly licensed day of silliness on Slaw) and because it’s Munro Day, here is a quite extraordinary experiment that Penguin Books are carrying out.

Can a crowd – a very large crowd – write a piece of creative fiction?

To see how the experiment is going visit the experiment’s website. The experiment is being monitored – and blogged about – and is now getting ten hits a second. Looking at the history of the last two days, it looks as if very many fingers have been over the prose.

A team of editors is there to make it cohere, if necessary, but as Web 2.0 experiments go, this one is terrific, and is being followed by the Canadian publishing establishment.


  1. Simon you gave us the URL for the blog twice. The URl for the wiki, i.e. the novel is http://www.amillionpenguins.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page.

  2. Very interesting!

    And a wiki has now opened to write the last chapter of this business book of which I have talked too much already: http://www.socialtext.net/wikinomics/index.cgi