Following up on a post from last October, Arbitrator Peter Cory handed down his decision in the Beaverbrook Arbitration, last Monday (the 26th). In simple terms, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, was awarded 85 of the 113 disputed paintings; essentially, the paintings that were given to the gallery, prior to the opening. The gallery also won remuneration for three paintings that were removed from the gallery in 1976. The art gallery was justifiably pleased with the result; however, the Beaverbrook foundation has indicated that they plan appeal the decision of the arbitrator.

The decision itself (114 pages posted on the Art Gallery site in pdf) is an interesting read that delves into the history of the province and the life of the late Lord Beaverbrook and the creation of the gallery.


  1. I don’t know to whom the appeal would go from Cory’s arbitration decision, but you’ve got to say that the chances of overturning for an error in law a ruling of a former Supreme Court justice and one of the most likable of the lot at that is slim.