World Economic Forum ICT Rankings

As it does each year the World Economic Forum released its country rankings for ICT, or “information and communication technologies,” styled as the Networked Readiness Index. Canada slipped from 6th to 11th position, behind (in rank order) Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Iceland, United Kingdom, and Norway. This is Canada we’re talking about, so of course there’s no mention whatever of it in the freely available material.

I’ve no idea whether this means anything at all. I’m invariably skeptical of anything that boasts of being “World” this or that, and positively averse to reports that use cant terms such as “stakeholder” “leveraging” “benchmark” or “penetration” and that speak in glowing terms of a “country‚Äôs excellent regulatory environment” when clearly they mean the relative absence of regulation.

Canada is a vast country and to put us on the same footing as miniature Singapore is just plain silly. Even the nordic countries don’t have the same degree of geographic challenges that we have. I suppose, then, that 11th is a good place to be.

The rankings are available in PDF, as is the summary of the “The Global Information Technology Report.”

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