“Insanely Useful” (U.S.) Legislative Sites (From LLRX)

I just had a read of Peggy Garvin’s current The Government Domain column in LLRX.com, and wanted to bring it to the attention of Slaw readers. The sites that Peggy reviews, most of which are drawn from a list compiled by the Sunlight Foundation, are wonderfully – I don’t know about insanely – useful components of a U.S. government/legal research toolbox. As is pointed out in the column, many of the sites take essentially a mash-up approach to information derived from the venerable THOMAS and GPO Access. It has been some time since I carried out any in-depth U.S. legal research (my daughter didn’t seem to have many burning questions of U.S. law during her first year of life), so some are new to me; others are just plain new or newish or still in beta.

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