University Publishing

…”What the world looks like today, and where it is headed” How can you not love the chutzpah of a lead heading like that? The fact is, not everyone has loved the material that follows in the report University Publishing in a Digital Age [PDF], put out by Ithaka, a U.S. not-for-profit that works closely with JSTOR and Portico to “accelerate the productive uses of information technologies for the benefit of higher education worldwide.” (See the Inside Higher Ed report and comments for a variety of responses to the report.)

How will the world of scholarly publishing be? Unsurprisingly, at least to readers of Slaw:

1. Everything must be electronic
2. Scholars will rely on deeply integrated electronic research/publishing environments
3. Multimedia and multi-format delivery will become increasingly important
4. New forms of content will enable new economic models

The report calls for universities to play a more active role in the publishing of the scholarship of their members and recommends developing the capacity to publish online and increased collaboration as a means of controlling costs and the “flight” of publishing to the big publishers.

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