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Kb, Mb, Gb or Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

As I take a moment from battening down the hatches here on the East Coast today, I simply want to ask a question of Slaw-ers out there. What is the Quota of your institutional or company email account?

Not your gmail, hotmail, yahoo or whatever interweb service, but the email account supplied to you by your employer or institution. Here at Dalhousie I have a 97.66mb limit and after being on a little hiatus recently, I had to fight to get my inbox under control but also to stay under the quota. So I’m just curious as to what the . . . [more]

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What Associates Really Want

Susan Raridon Lambreth of Hildebrandt publishes a survey on Monday providing a glimpse into the largest survey yet conducted on associates in law firms around the world.  It’s electrifying because it punctures a number of myths about new generations who supposedly don’t share traditional attitudes and work ethics. 

Susan’s Report is being released on Monday
– but here are a few insights:

  • Overall associate satisfaction is somewhat higher than expected.
  • Associates are not the unhappy collection of unfulfilled employees portrayed in the media. As a group, they are engaged, interested, and happy with their compensation. Very few show any
. . . [more]
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Digitization and Its Discontents by Anthony Grafton

The current issue of the New Yorker has an article by Anthony Grafton called “Digitization and Its Discontents” that discusses the ongoing “tension” between the traditional print library model versus the Google Book projects of the world. The article is well written and provides an excellent general overview of the issues. . . . [more]

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If Everything Is Miscellanous, Then . . . .

Joel Alleyne’s Extreme KM column this past week on Everything is Miscellaneous – A Must-Read Book enouraged me to move forward my plan to read the book. I read it last night and agree with Joel that it is “must reading.”

As Joel mentions, David Weinberger’s central premise in the book is that the “power of the miscellaneous comes directly from the fact that in the third order [note: what the author of the book means as our current era of digital information], everything is connected and therefore everything is metadata” (p. 105).

My initial cynical reaction to the book . . . [more]

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N.Y. Times Technology Section

The NY Times Technology section has been revamped, principally by bringing the Blogrunner technology stories into the page and giving it central place — literally in the middle. Blogrunner is the aggregator that the Times bought last year and that culls material from various blogs on a wide range of topics. This is the first time that the Times has incorporated stories from outside sources directly into its publication.

The Times Technology section cum Blogrunner, unlike TechMeme, doesn’t rely soley on an algorithm to choose pieces automatically, but rather on a combination of machine and human decision-making.

Relevant links are: . . . [more]

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Steve Matthews, Slawyer and the person behind Stem Legal Web Enterprises, has once again shown his technical chops. Now that the Canadian legal publishers have finally come into this decade by putting out RSS feeds, thanks in large measure to his and Connie Crosby’s chivvying and chiding, ((See, e.g., Canadian Legal Publishers – RSS Feed Update)), there’s some interesting publisher data to work with.

Steve has taken advantage of the various tools that are out there now on the web to mix and to gather the feeds into one place,

There you’ll find an aggregation of . . . [more]

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2007 WebAwards Announced

The Web Marketing Association just announced the winners in the 2007 WebAwards for excellence in the use of the Web for Marketing.

The best of the legal category came from Womble Carlyle, which has a wonderful and updated stable of blogs ((Though their podcasts are looking somewhat dated.

For the record here are all the legal prize-winners. . . . [more]

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Internet and Education in Canada

The October 2007 issue of Statistics Canada’s publication Education Matters looks at how the Internet is being used by Canadian students. The article “Learning online: Factors associated with use of the Internet for education purposes” reveals that students mostly use the Internet for researching asssigments and distance education:

  • An estimated 4.2 million adult Canadians (two-thirds or 66% of those who went online for education purposes) used the Internet for finding information for projects/assignments
  • Just over one-quarter (26%) went online for distance education
  • Residents of rural and small-town areas are more likely to use the Internet for distance education
. . . [more]
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