Louise Arbour Joins International Crisis Group

Louise Arbour, former Supreme Court Justice and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, will join the Board of the International Crisis Group. New fellow board members include Kofi Annan, (Lord) Paddy Ashdown, HRH Prince Turki al-Faisal and the former President of Poland, Alexander Kwaśniewsk. There are 54 members on the board all told.

The International Crisis Group meets twice a year and

is now generally recognised as the world’s leading independent, non-partisan, source of analysis and advice to governments, and intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations, European Union and World Bank, on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict.

Their 2008 Annual Report is available on the web in PDF.


  1. I fully agree that every one should have their ‘human rights’ protected, and I completely sympathize with the crises going on in the world, but I have to ask the following questions. 1) Why is it that a country deemed for it’s friendliness, kindness, and peace continues to try to segregate and ignore person’s with disabilities? 2)Why are children still being denied access in the mainstream school system? Why is the school system segregating children, not based on their capabilities, but based on whether they are medical, non-verbal, or physically disabled. 3)Don’t all children have a right to an education that will help them learn and excel? 4) Why is the Minister of Education allowing the Catholic School Board to deny parents a choice in their children’s education, 5) and WHY is the School system & the Minister of Education allowed to denied a child access to a regular school based on “IT WOULD COST TO MUCH?” How is it that a country, such as Canada, is denying person’s with special needs their Human Rights & their rights to an education? It’s truly a sad day when a Canadian child is NOT PERMITTED to go to school with his/her own typical peers, because they are disabled! Is this what being a proud Canadian means?