When Looks Matter (And Not Necessarily in a Good Way)

A Globe and Mail article by Adriana Barton, reporting on a study featured in the Economist, discusses how physical looks might actually be a liability for female job-seekers. And this, despite the numerous studies that have shown that attractiveness aids in job advancement.

The researchers sent out fake resumes with a photo attached to 2,500 vacancies; those with pictures of beautiful women were less likely to get an interview. Those with pictures of handsome men were, in contrast, more likely to get an interview. These researchers came to the conclusion that this turn of events was in large part due to the fact that human resources employees, mostly female, responsible for sifting through applications, were likely jealous of these candidates.

Whether or not this conclusion is founded, journalist Ms. Barton says it best when she writes: “But it’s discrimination all the same”.


  1. Margaret Collins

    In my experience, wearing glasses helps.

  2. The above underscores why I always forward my CV with a covering 8×10 picture of a very cute puppy. If that fails, I return the rejection letter with a snapshot of a baby in mini coveralls holding a kitten.