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Critical and Emerging Issues in Blockchain Law

Six years ago, two Papa John’s pizzas were traded for 10,000 bitcoins. Today, those bitcoins are worth approximately $10,000,000 and around $200,000,000 in bitcoin changes hands daily. In 2016, the technology under the hood of Bitcoin, commonly called “blockchain technology” or “Distributed Ledger Technology” is being looked to for applications in insurance, banking, trade, and finance.

Where will blockchain take us in 2020? What legal issues will you be asked to grapple with in 2017 as blockchain continues its transition from the startup community to the financial services industry?

The Bank of Canada, Senate, and Department of Finance have been . . . [more]

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Courthouse Libraries BC Hosting Webinar for Canadian Lawyers on the Impact of Recent Executive Orders

I feel I must write this quick, as every day the terrain shifts and the battle lines move in the escalating conflict between the 45th POTUS and virtually the entire machinery of justice.

FYI, the ABA yesterday released its resolution 10C calling on Trump to withdraw his order restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Less than two weeks ago Trump started the whole mess when he slapped on brass knuckles to deliver not one, not two, but three immigration-related executive orders to finish his first week as President.

The world sucked wind.

Even north of the 49th people . . . [more]

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2017 FLSC Consultations on Proposed Amendments to the Model Code of Professional Conduct

See below for a Report and Request for Comments from Federation of Law Society on the Model Code of Professional Conduct.

Good afternoon,
I am writing to share the 2017 Consultation Report of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s Standing Committee on the Model Code of Professional Conduct (The report is available in English and French.). The proposed amendments address issues related to technological competence, the return to the practice of law by former judges, and an amendment to the rule on encouraging respect for the administration of justice. Feedback on any or all of the proposed amendments . . . [more]

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Are You REDe?

At OsgoodePD, we are continually developing new ways to keep you, our community, ahead of the curve and up to date on the continually changing Canadian legal landscape.

You told us you wanted a more efficient way to access our diverse catalogue of legal programming at an affordable price. Quality professional development content, relevant to your interests, available anywhere and anytime.

You talked, we listened.

Introducing OsgoodePD’s REDe PassportOsgoode expertise, on demand, when you want it.

REDe Passport is a new and convenient way to access OsgoodePD’s renowned professional development programming at a time or place

. . . [more]
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Maritime Law Book Acquired

Maritime Law Book has a new owner. Slaw contributors Eric Appleby and Colin Lachance have issued a joint announcement (PDF).

Under the new ownership of 9766758 Canada Inc., and continuing to operate proudly as “Maritime Law Book”, MLB is set to once again lead a new revolution in case law access and legal research.

More analysis from Slaw’s publishing columnists is sure to follow in the days ahead. . . . [more]

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Working Together for Change: Strategies to Address Issues of Systemic Racism in the Legal Professions

The Law Society of Upper Canada created the Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Working Group in 2012 to identify the challenges faced by racialized lawyers and paralegals and consider strategies for enhanced inclusion at all career stages.

After gathering extensive information about the challenges faced by racialized licensees and best practices to address these challenges, the Working Group prepared a consultation paper, which was presented to Convocation on October 30, 2014. The paper included a series of questions for the professions and public to consider and provide feedback. Consultation meetings were held in key cities during the winter of 2015. . . . [more]

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Draft Report on Non-Discrimination Provision and the National Requirement

The National Requirement Review Committee (NRCC) has launched a consultation on its draft report on the question of whether to amend the National Requirement to add a non-discrimination provision.

The Draft Report for Consultation on Non-discrimination in Legal Education includes a detailed analysis of the nature and regulatory purpose of the National Requirement, the current legal landscape, and the mandates of the law societies. The report does not include any recommendations, but it does suggest that amending the National Requirement to include a non-discrimination provision may not be appropriate.

Feedback from the consultation will be considered before the NRRC makes . . . [more]

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Launching the BC Family Innovation Lab Website

In many previous Slaw posts I have mentioned my keen interest in justice reform – particularly for families. With a small group of like-minded folks in BC, I have been lucky enough to be involved in forming and nurturing the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab. Today, we are excited to formally launch the Lab’s new website and blog at

The Lab is a unique innovation platform for nurturing initiatives designed to improve resilience and well-being of families and their children who are experiencing transition, including separation and divorce. It uses a systemic human-centred design approach putting . . . [more]

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Hello, My Name Is…

… Pulat Yunusov. This is my first blog post here. You may have read my columns on Slaw (A Proposal for Automated Online Dispute Resolution, Part 1; and What Is Blockchain and Why It’s Important for Law Practice) and a piece on the recent CBA startup competition.

Expect more of the same! I am interested in two things: how law practice is changing and how technology is affecting that change.

I spend most of my public-facing time in my litigation practice. When I founded it in 2011, I wanted to do a few things from scratch . . . [more]

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College of Law Practice Management: InnovAction Awards: Recognizing Innovation in Action Around the World

The College of Law Practice Management InnovAction Awards is a worldwide search for lawyers, law firms, and other deliverers of legal services who are currently engaged in some extraordinary innovative efforts. The goal is to demonstrate to the legal community what can be created when passionate professionals, with big ideas and strong convictions, are determined to make a difference.

Each year at its Futures Conference, the College of Law Practice Management presents the coveted InnovAction Awards to those unsung heroes and rising stars within the legal profession who dare to think differently and succeed by doing so.

Submit an . . . [more]

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The Christine Huglo Robertson Essay Prize

This prize honours Christine Huglo Robertson, Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ) between 1992 and 2012. Its goal is to engage law students in the work of CIAJ and to promote scholarship concerning the administration of justice.


Competition for the prize is open only to students registered for an undergraduate degree (J.D., LL.B. or B.C.L.) a Faculty of Law at a Canadian university and only for a paper written in the twelve months preceding the closing date for submissions. Papers submitted for academic credit may be submitted for this prize. Candidates must provide . . . [more]

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A New Legal Citation Guide for Canada on the Horizon / Vers Un Nouveau Guide Canadien de Citation Juridique

(La version française suite)

A New Legal Citation Guide for Canada on the Horizon

A group of interested individuals has come together to address the challenge of uniform legal citation in Canada.

There is currently no standard legal citation guide in Canada that has been uniformly accepted by all legal sectors and institutions. In addition to existing published citation guides, various courts, law schools, law journals and publishers have developed and are using their own guides to meet their particular needs.

The Canadian public has a right to an accessible standard of legal citation that will facilitate, not hinder their . . . [more]

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