New Legal Blog: Drafting Contracts

This new blog is an example of how narrow the topics can be, and yet how much can be contained in the discussion. Apparently Ken Adams (US) is somewhat of an expert on drafting contracts, and he’s just started up a blog on the topic. Here’s what he says about the blog:

[The blog] has a specific function. Even after a couple of books and a dozen articles, I still have lots to write about. I’ll continue to use articles to lay out my thoughts on bigger topics, but that leaves plenty of tricky smaller issues of contract language. The blog will provide an incentive for me to actually tackle them, rather than, say, procrastinate until deadlines loom for the next edition of my ABA book “A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting”.

The blog is at


  1. Does anyone have any good resources on teaching contract law? I am particularily interested in showing nonlwayers and business people what are business items as opposed to legal items. To often we have nonlwayers or business people without any legal background or training drafting, negotiating and exctuing poor contracts. Thanks.