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CanadExport is Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s flagship newsletter. Its articles promote Canadian exports abroad by discussing trade policies and agreements, general market intelligence, potential markets, and trade and investment opportunities.
This FREE publication always surprises me with the useful and valuable information it provides. Examples of such gems include:

data on China-India trade

overview of the tax agreement between Canada and Finland

Brazil’s growth forecast

China’s consumption of natural resources

Canada’s international trade and investment performance

You can search the articles going back to 1999, and you can also subscribe to the email . . . [more]

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CIO Confessions

Slawyer Joel Alleyne gets a page in the Globe and Mail‘s Technology Quarterly Magazine (TQ), as he talks to writer Grant Buckler about the joys and anxieties involved in being CIO and CKO at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. (I’m blowed if I can find the piece on the web, though, which is sad — either because of my ineptness or because a technology mag ought to be really really good at offering itself up on the internet. )


“[U]nequivocally IT matters to our lawyers and our client relationships.”

BLG has something like 150 servers and 2000 PC’s.

“One . . . [more]

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100 Ways International Law Shapes Our Lives

As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the American Society of International Law has identified 100 very concrete and specific ways in which international law affects each one of us in daily life. The organization is American, but most examples apply to Canada as well.

“We did endeavor to identify ways in a range of contexts, from daily life, to leisure and travel, to commerce, to health and the environment, personal liberty, and public safety and situations of armed conflict. Some ways are of relatively recent vintage, while others are long-standing…”

“In addition to the individual experts and members who

. . . [more]
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Redmond Releases Live Search,, and Live Local Search

Well Microsoft has done a general release of Live Search,, and Live Local Search, and the consensus seems to be that the thinking is rolling right along Google lines.

Business Week comments on the customization features.

Users can create tabs to homepages featuring a variety of self-selected information. Links can either be chosen from a menu of news sites and blogs compiled by Microsoft or favorites compiled by users while conducting searches.

I’ve used the services slightly this afternoon and can report that the image search tool appears to exceed Google’s in useful results – unscientifically, I searched . . . [more]

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An Informal Email Survey of Accessibility of EBook Readers

This from Annette Demers: Reference Librarian, Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor

When I worked at the Harvard Law School Library, there was a young woman there who was working on her SJD and she was visually impaired. I spent many hours trying to find articles and books for her in an electronic format (which was the only format other than braille with which she could work.) She was a wizard on her computer, and her text reading software was JAWS. When the Harvard libraries Committee on Electronic Resources and Services (to which I was a representative) began to . . . [more]

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Some Changes in the New QL

This from Anette Demers:Reference Librarian, Paul Martin Law Library, University of Windsor

I just thought I would mention a few items that may be of interest to the greater community. Forgive me if these have already been widely published.

First of all I have been informed by WestlaweCarswell of the following change to our access to BNA International Trade Reporter (and other BNA products):

September 6, 2006. There has been a change in the access to BNA. We are no longer able to provide complimentary access to these databases. We do have a special pricing model that permits cross

. . . [more]
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Time Management and Lawyers in the 21st Century

As a proponent of RSS, I try my best to follow the RSS feeds from a number of “very active” BLOGs. Recent postings on SLAW and other BLOGs have highlighted a problem with RSS – it’s a great way to divert content from bloated in boxes, but it’s just not as intuitive as email for many lawyers.

Perhaps more importantly (for me personally), the RSS vs. email issue merely illustrates the bigger issue – how can lawyers spend productive days in the office given the ever increasing demands on their time and attention? From emails and RSS whose only purpose . . . [more]

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Corporate Blogs and Wikis

KMWorld hosted a webinar today on Enterprise Content Management for Corporate Blogs and Wikis (this link is supposed to be active for 90 days). The presenter, a consultant from Stellent, gave a useful review of the basics of the two tools and some thoughts on the advantages and challenges offered by them.

Based on the audience survey, interest in blogs and wikis continues to grow – although at this point, there may be more interest than action. . . . [more]

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Private Control Over Information

A reference at the end of the BBC news discussion of the Google News Archive led me to the stimulating writings of Professor Roy Rosenzweig, a historian from the Center for History and New Media at George Mason UniversityYou can see what he looks like here.

“I’m strongly in favour of the democratisation of access to historical documents, but also cautious about how much information Google now controls. Increasingly the model of how we access information and what information we have access to is changing, as public archives such as libraries are replaced by private companies”.

He has written . . . [more]

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SCC Library Acquistions — a Feed

Slawyer and Library Boy blogger, Michel-Adrien Sheppard, has just published the monthly list of new additions to the Supreme Court of Canada library — letting us know that although the official site says they don’t lend the books, the material is in fact available through inter-library loan to authorized libraries, and that you can subscribe to the monthly list by email.

Sad that the SCC doesn’t do RSS, I thought. So I subscribed by email and arranged to forward the monthly emails to Mailbucket, where I’ve created a feed for Slawyers to use: Seems llike it’s going . . . [more]

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Conflict of Laws Blog

Since we don’t have that many cross-Commonwealth substantive blogs, hat’s off to, which

is intended as a news and discussion portal to those interested in the conflict of laws (otherwise known as private international law). Its international focus is reflected by the team of editors, representing scholars from most major jurisdictions around the world. It is hoped that this collaborative effort in bringing news and views to those interested in private international law will provide a real outlet in allowing scholars, pracitioners and others to share their understanding of the wide-ranging challenges in different jurisdictions that currently face

. . . [more]
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