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Slaw Gets a Mention in Lexpert

I’m pleased to say that Slaw got a great mention in a recent piece in Lexpert Magazine’s Globe and Mail web articles, “Law Firms Test Potential for Social Media,” by Marzena Czarnecka. Yours truly made a couple of cautious comments that got reported; and blogger and Slawyer Jeremy Grushcow got to impart a few words of wisdom. . . . [more]

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Twits, Tweets and the Political World

While the BBC reported this weekend on Pods and Blogs on the extraordinary growth of Tweetminster, the place where real life and politics tweet, in Ottawa it’s a different story. NDP member Charlie Angus wants Canadian MPs to declare Twitter off-limits, because of some personal abuse in the House last night. Here’s the Globe’s commentary and yesterday’s story.

As someone who has sat through enough late night House sittings, at which not all Honourable Members were entirely sober, I can report that abuse that doesn’t quite get reported in Hansard is not unknown within Canadian democracy. I’m not . . . [more]

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Between the Eyes…

♫ To face the friends of Mr. Cairo
From Chicago to Hong Kong
Via Istanbul the Talking Tong

Dirty rats thru’ prohibition
Money flowed thru gangsterism

Or Edward ‘G’ and all those guys
Who always shoot between the eyes
Between the eyes
Between the eyes…♫

Music by Vangelis, lyrics by Jon Anderson, “The Friends of Mr. Cairo”.

Bradford Bleier, unit chief with the FBI’s cyber division along with other ‘cyber-officials’ stated at an American Bar Association conference on Friday that:

“Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms and public relations companies with a sophisticated e-mail scheme that breaks into their . . . [more]

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Holiday Law Firm Challenge: Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank

Each year at this time, the Toronto office of Blakes sends out a challenge to other Bay Street firms to organize food drives/fundraising on behalf of the Daily Bread Food Bank. Last year’s challenge raised an incredible $271,645. Can the firms do even better this year? Who will get bragging rights for the most food and dollars raised?

The law firm challenge runs Monday, November 23 to Friday, December 11.

From the Blakes memo that went to firms:

Daily Bread supplies 13 million pounds of emergency food. Last year, there was over 1 million food bank

. . . [more]
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Are the 7 Faces of Legal KM Simply Enterprise Content Management?

I gained lots of insight from Day 1 at the LawTech Canada conference earlier this week.

Deloitte, one of the sponsors, had two good sessions on enterprise content management and on preventing information leakage. On the topic of enterprise content management, I realized that my paper on “The 7 Faces of Legal Knowledge Management” (here in PDF) was, in part, discussing enterprise content management without using that phrase (to the extent that most knowledge managers in the legal environment manage a wide variety of information across the organization).

There are, however, I think 2 main reasons knowledge managers . . . [more]

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Liquor Law Challenged

Ian Blue, a partner at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, has issued a challenge to the constitutionality of legislation that forbids importation of liquor into a province unless it is sold to the local liquor board or commission. The legislation is, curiously, federal, as we noted in a post last September.

Section 3(1) of the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act (IILA), passed in 1928, forbids the interprovincial movement of alcohol (and, presumably, other “intoxicating liquors”) except as part of a transaction involving a provincial agency. Yet, Blue argues, this provision is at odds with s.121 of the Constitution Act, . . . [more]

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Interesting Things This Week

Steve just posted about the Kindle coming to Canada – certainly a noteworthy and overdue event. (I’m going to hold out for something that displays colour.)

Some other noteworthy things from the last few days (at least for those of us in the tech/legal/privacy world) include:

Ontario Privacy Commissioner report on the Smart Grid and privacy

Federal privacy Commissioner reports critical of Fintrac and the No Fly list

A new socialnomics video about the ROI of social media.

Twitterfeeds from two Canadian law tech conferences that gave a good flavour of the speaker messages.

Court rulings in the Apple . . . [more]

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New Canadian Kindle Ordered!

It’s the 6-inch International version (not the DX), so we still can claim to be capital of the digital third world. But my new Kindle was just ordered via (not .ca) and shipped to north of the border! ($311.06 USD, yes we’re getting hosed! see photo below)

The news stories are already across the Canadian media, but to cite a few: Gillian Shaw, National Post, Reuters

Full credit for the lovely photo below to Engadget.

. . . [more]

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Not Your Normal Legal Technology Conference

As Connie pointed out this is a week for legal technology focused discussions – both Ted Tjaden and I spoke at one of the Toronto conferences this week, though attendance was light in comparison to the record crowds at the Pacific Legal Technology conference, LegalIT and the Legal Futures conference of the College of Law Practice Management.

ALM are sponsoring Virtual LegalTech, a virtual trade show covering legal technology, which will take place Thursday. It features live webcasts and seminars, virtual trade booths, online networking, chatting, blogs, and more. “It’s everything you’d expect from a live conference, brought right . . . [more]

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Google Embarks on Legal Publishing

An announcement early today from Google Distinguished Engineer Anurag Acharya that Google Scholar now features major cases, as well as an ability to search in legal periodicals for case citations.

I thought initially it was just American, but searching on the following names brought interesting results:

Donoghue v. Stevenson 2380 hits
R. Drybones 849 hits
Delgamuukw 956 hits
Mabo v. Queensland 2770 hits

Google hat-tips “several pioneers, who have worked on making it possible for an average citizen to educate herself about the laws of the land: Tom Bruce (Cornell LII), Jerry Dupont (LLMC), Graham Greenleaf and Andrew Mowbray (AustLII), . . . [more]

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Two Conferences: Law Tech Canada and Law Firm Leadership

Two conferences have been taking place in Toronto simultaneously this week: Law Tech Canada (Insight) and Law Firm Leadership Conference (CBA). Some impressive leaders have been speaking at both conferences. I hope some write-ups will emerge soon here on Slaw. In the meantime, those of us not in attendance can follow some of the discussion via Twitter:

Law Tech Canada #lawtech

Law Firm Leadership Conference #lflc . . . [more]

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Youth Slate Wins Sikh Temple Election

I was taken by the story in today’s Globe and Mail about
“the new face of Canada’s Sikhs”. The story’s hook is that a young slate of candidates has been successful in an election to manage one of North America’s largest Sikh temples, one where there has been significant and violent tensions over the years between moderates and traditionalists. The Globe’s front page had a wonderful picture of a seated line of older, bearded, turbaned Sikh men, among whom sits Gursimran Kaur, a 19 year old woman who ran successfully on the youth slate. . . . [more]

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