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Letter Re: Canadian Boreal Forests

It took a bit of digging, but I have found the letter released which I referred to in yesterday’s post.

See this site: Canada’s Boreal Forest, hosted on the Boreal Songbird Initiative website. The letter itself is a 37 page PDF in English, and French. The letter is 1 1/2 pages in length, with 2 1/2 pages of footnotes and 33 pages for the over 1,500 signatures.

It was released yesterday simultaneously in Ottawa and Seattle by:

  • Dr. David Schindler, Professor of Biology, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Terry Root, Stanford University Professor and author of multiple
  • . . . [more]

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Picking a Holiday Destination

While I can understand that occasionally one might visit a library while on vacation, I had never realized that one might choose not merely one’s destination but also one’s hotel by virtue of access to legal information.

I’m not just talking about high-speed web access in a hotel room.

The Taj in Chandigarh is advertising a Law Library as one of the features that might attract visitors. See Taj Chandigarh Brings More Amenities For Hotel-Lovers On The Eve Of Completion Of Two Years

Reading down to the fourth paragraph:

The facilities like Wi-Fi Internet access, Business Centre, Two Meeting Rooms, . . . [more]

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Access to Hong Kong Law

The People’s Daily has just announced major improvements to the
Community Legal Information Center
(CLIC), a community legal information website, run by the University of Hong Kong.

The China Information Technology and Law Center organized a completion ceremony for the website, which is also one of the activities celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The CLIC project is commissioned by the Hong Kong government and funded by the Department of Justice of the government under which the law center is to develop, host and maintain the website.

The bilingual website is a . . . [more]

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A Pictorial Homage to Eric Gertner and Ed Belobaba

Almost thirty years ago, two friends Ed Belobaba (then of Osgoode Hall and now of the Superior Court of Justice) and Eric Gertner (then of the Ontario Law Reform Commission and now of Mccarthy Tétrault) had the vision to work to create a new journal, the Supreme Court Law Review.

The Law Times obituary of Justice Bertha Wilson illustrated its story with a portrait from the SCC collection by Mary Lennox Hourd.

If you look closely, it’s clear that the book Wilson J is resting her right hand on is the Supreme Court Law Review. Not often does Canadian . . . [more]

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Integrating Global Firms Through Knowledge Management

There’s a thoughtful piece on about how exactly one does manage a multi-jurisdictional practice, particularly where the firm has grown quickly by merger or acquisition: Tech Integrates Firms’ Global Networks

The article points out how technology and systematic knowledge management may help.

At White & Case, a software program alerts a lawyer in New York whether the firm’s Beijing-based attorney already drafted a similar document.

At Reed Smith, lawyers get a chance to meet their worldwide colleagues during “speed networking sessions,” when associates from all locations unite in one place.

At White & Case, a software program that stores

. . . [more]

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Canadian Forests Need Better Protection

The Globe and Mail reports that a group of 1,500 scientists from around the world will be releasing a letter today urging Canada to better protect our forests.

According to The Globe and Mail article Scientists plead for protection of forests by Bill Curry:

The scientists’ letter points out that forests absorb and store carbon dioxide, playing a key role in the fight against climate change. Global warming concerns are based on predictions that human-made emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The boreal forest, a green band primarily made up

. . . [more]

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Gmail Papier!

Google a enfin compris qu’il est impossible de lire en ligne mais surtout que l’archivage se fait beaucoup plus facilement en papier. Ainsi, on nous offre Google Papier(en anglais seulement pour le moment). Ce service vous permet d’imprimer tous vos courriels et de vous les faire livrer dans une belle boîte Gmail, le tout gratuitement évidemment! . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

I was originally going to send all of you to look at the Bush Malaria Dance and related mashups. I even tried my hand at editing my own version with iMovie but the results weren’t great, so I have moved on to something more interesting (I can only take look at Bush for so long, no matter how amusing the footage).

I had a number of positive comments about my last Friday Fillip on computer bags and Squidoo. Most people are now expecting a follow-up post about shoes. But instead of alligator skin, let’s look at Alligator Eggs! which I . . . [more]

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Slaw Comments via RSS

I’d like to make a recommendation to all of our Slaw readers…

If you currently enjoy the discussion here at Slaw via RSS, you may also wish to add the comments feed for your feed reader. Some of the best commentary and discussions take place after the original post. Plus, you’ll pick up on the conversations that occur after a post has dropped off the homepage.

And speaking of comments, wouldn’t it would be nice if we all re-dedicated ourselves to leaving more of them? Feeding the discussion, asking for clarification, polite debate, or driving that Steve guy into the . . . [more]

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Remembering Kurt

One of the great pleasures of learning the law when I did was that I came into contact with a very special set of teachers who had escaped from Germany in the Thirties and had come to England or North America to continue the teaching of law.

E. J. Cohn, David Daube, John. G. Fleming, Rudolf Graupner, Max Grünhut, Hermann Kantorowicz, Otto Kahn-Freund, Hersch Lauterpacht, Gerhard Leibholz, Kurt Lipstein, F. A. Mann, Hermann Mannheim, Lassa Oppenheim, Otto Prausnitz, Fritz Pringsheim, Gustav Radbruch, Clive Schmitthoff, Fritz Schulz, Georg Schwarzenberger, Walter Ullmann, Martin Wolff, Hans Kelsen and Wolfgang Friedmann.

I was taught . . . [more]

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Thomson Makes $2.75 Billion More Than It Thought From Sale

The wires are reporting that Thomson Corp. has agreed to sell its educational publishing division to a consortium of private equity funds advised by Apax Partners and OMERS Capital Partners for US$7.75 billion.

That’s a sweet $2.75 Billion more than the value that Thomson had initially placed on its educational publishing, as we reported last year. . . . [more]

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